April 16th Weekly Terracoin Update — Slow

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The world seems to have slowed down over the past couple of weeks. Everyone is still adjusting to the new world of coronavirus social distancing and possible job loss, or current job loss.

It is an interesting time to be living in, something I never thought I would experience, but I am hoping we will all come out the other side of this with improvements in our daily lives!

Like always the Terracoin team carries on, even in these times.


Thanks to a generous donation from a community member we are close to getting listed on CryptoID! I will know more in the next couple of days. We have been wanting to get listed on that block explorer for a while now because it offers different things then our current amazing block explorers.

Explorer 1 — https://insight.terracoin.io/

Explorer 2 — https://explorer.terracoin.io/

As I mentioned before, since things are really slow right now, it is a great time to upgrade your Terracoin masternode or normal node to the newest code. We are currently at around 10% (besides phantom nodes) running so let’s try to get that number up to 20% by next week!

We have a guide/script here that makes upgrading very easy.


We are still listed on these sites for voting so everyone should still vote!

Graviex — https://graviex.net/listing_registers

Mercatox — https://mercatox.com/coins/list?page=1


We are a little over one week away from the superblock so now is the time to get your discoveries and proposals in!


Keep your chin up! The coronavirus will only last so long and once we are through it the world may be a better place.

We could all get to work from home going forward!


Get your discoveries in!


TRC Foundation Team Pay Proposal 3rd Year


Thirty days ago, we were at 0.00000542 BTC (.0291 USD) and today we are at 0.0000588 BTC (.0416 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000600 BTC (.0316 USD).

We are ranked 605 on CoinGecko with a market cap of $954,833 USD, and last week we were ranked 604 with a market cap of $970,315 USD.

Source: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/terracoin?utm_content=terracoin&utm_medium=search_coin&utm_source=coingecko

Enabled/Total Masternode count today is 1055/1594. Last week our enabled/total masternode count was 1051/1587.

Masternode Count Source: https://services.terracoin.io/

Terracoin Foundation Masternode Donations


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