August 13th Weekly Terracoin Update — Cacao


As I mentioned last week, I am going to talk about cacao* in this Weekly!

Why am I talking about cacao in the Terracoin Weekly update?

Well, Buffer01 has been leading the charge with helping people around the world via donations from The Terracoin Foundation and this is a pretty massive success.

One of the things I have wanted to do with The Terracoin Foundation, decentralized governance, and Terracoin’s communities natural inclination to help the world is to cut out the middleman when it comes to donations so that we can truly help people without all the extra fees and bullshit.

On a visit to the Philippines, Buffer01 saw an opportunity to put those ideas into action.

He met a group of empowered women who were building a cacao processing plant. Their goal was to help improve the conditions in their local community by setting up a place built by women, owned by women, and paid out with profit sharing.

It is called Canjulao League of Woman Jagna Bohol, Inc, or CLOW for short.

They had already built a basic processing plant, and they were trying to get things off the ground but they weren’t getting enough sales without FDA approval so Buffer01 stepped up and started to donate in Terracoin’s name to help them improve their facility and they now have FDA approval to start selling their product to the rest of the Philippines!

This is some amazing news!

These are the opportunities the Terracoin Community should be looking for!

We need to find people around the world who we can help implement their projects. Projects where we can actually see the improvements happening in real time.

Projects that we can touch!

Buffer01 posted a bunch of pictures on the donation channel of our Mattermost server so check it out.

If you want to help other people like them then hit us up!

I think doing this sort of person to person donations is the way to go.

We can make Terracoin the gateway cryptocurrency for helping the world!

Donation to the Philippines

This is different from the cacao processing plant!

We are trying to get together about $1400 USD to help feed over a hundred families in the Philippines.

We currently have $272.45 USD donated so please donate anything you can!

Below are two cryptocurrency donation addresses and my PayPal and once we get the money together, we will send off the food!






If you have any questions feel free to hit me or Buffer01 up on our Mattermost server!


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*Cacao beans are the basis of chocolate