Dec 14th Terracoin Update — Stable

As community members have added Sentinel to their masternode setup, the Terracoin network has become more stable! Thanks everyone for taking the extra steps!

Because of the increased stability I have contacted all the exchanges and most have taken Terracoin out of maintenance. Below is a list of exchanges that we have verified as being on the correct blockchain. We have also been added to a new exchange NLexch. Their volume is very low on almost all coins, but it is a new exchange, and another feather in our cap.







In other exchange news it looks like Coingather has disappeared, and Novaexchange has been sold and will be closing its doors in March. Get your coins out while you can!

Like always, I recommend keeping all your coins in a local wallet with a secure wallet backup.

Exchanges come and go all the time and even the most stable exchange may disappear at any moment (I’m looking at you, Coinbase. You are making me paranoid!).

In other news I have sent the team pay out for the last superblock. It was a late payment because of the network issues.

You can check our public ledger here, and the last superblock also paid out the advertising and sponsorship proposal for funding a refugee and asylum seeking soccer/football team. Now that Cryptopia is back in action EyesWideShut can begin moving forward on that proposal.

This network issue has been a challenge for us all, and thanks for putting up with it!

We got through it and we are moving forward on implementing long lasting changes to the code and how we work with the code to improve stability and reaction time during issues like these.

This has been spear headed by our newest team member TheSin with help from SixofFive. Thanks guys!

Now that the chaos it at bay for a time we will also return to working on the items listed on our Trello page.

The community and the team has talked a lot about changes we want to bring to the Terracoin code, and we will probably add atomic swap and multi-algo during our next hard fork, but the conversation is still open and if you have suggestions feel free to post about them.

Someone suggested a major code update every six months, and I really like the idea of a planned chaos which will in turn lead to a better more innovative Terracoin.

We still are fleshing out our application layer idea, and as more team members join we will move away from using other coin technologies and instead create our own.

I can ramble on all day, so I will try to stop typing now and just repost the white paper I wrote. This is a living document and I will be updating it as time passed.

I wanted to post it again because there are so many new members of the community and it is nice to let them know our goals and ideals.

Check it out!

If you need help setting up a masternode feel free to ask on any of our social media/forums. We have an awesome community of people who care.

Thanks everyone!


One month ago, we were at 0.00002209 BTC (.1502 USD) and today we are at 0.00001526 BTC (.2634 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000343 BTC (.0026 USD).

We are ranked 407 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $5,756,442 USD. Last week our market cap was $6.682.029 USD.


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