February 13th Weekly Terracoin Update — Info

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This week I have some more info about Fides-Ex and other things to throw at you!


What was mentioned as a possibility last week, has become a reality this week. We have been added to another pairing on Fides-Ex!

Fides-Ex has added all of the EWMCI Core coins as a pairing with LYNX, which is a nice change from the standard pairings of TRC/BTC or TRC/LTC.

And to make trading between EWMCI coins even easier Auscoi of Tipsy set up a new site where you can see a matrix of the price comparison between EWMCI pairings and other standard pairings of coins.

This should also help setting up buy and sell orders on other exchange’s pairings and you will never be confused about the price between the EWMCI coins ever again!

Next on the list of info you should know:


We are still active on Kiva and we have given out 282 loans to people around the world! If you aren’t already a member of our Kiva team you should join! Kiva is a site that allows you to spend your local fiat currency by doing micro-loans to people who are trying to improve their lives.

It is a pretty cool site, and it is even more awesome that we have given out that many loans.

Eventually one day I would like The Terracoin Foundation masternodes and decentralized governance to take over the role of helping people around the world, but until that time at least we have a way to help our fellow human!


Next on the list of info items is that I need the community to check out the information on these sites. These are both ranking sites that have added us and we always need everyone in the community to double check their data and to submit changes to them if they see errors.

Sometimes a lone voice doesn’t get the changes that are needed so contact both sites if you see problems!



And that is it for this Terracoin Weekly Update! Find me on Mattermost, if you have questions or comments!


Get your discoveries in!


TRC Foundation Team Pay Proposal 3rd Year


Thirty days ago, we were at 0.00000389 BTC (.0341 USD) and today we are at 0.0000405 BTC (.0414 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000500 BTC (.0179 USD).

We are ranked 738 on CoinGecko with a market cap of $950,207 USD, and last week we were ranked 708 with a market cap of $969,391 USD.

Source: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/terracoin?utm_content=terracoin&utm_medium=search_coin&utm_source=coingecko

Enabled/Total Masternode count today is 914/1490. Last week our enabled/total masternode count was 914/1485.

Masternode Count Source: https://services.terracoin.io/

Terracoin Foundation Masternode Donations


Mattermost (This is The Terracoin Foundation’s primary forum)




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