Jan 25th Terracoin Update — Wow

Wow, there is so much to talk about this week!

TheSin and SixofFive have been working like mad to improve the Terracoin infrastructure. This is important to improve the user experience for Terracoin and to help add to our upcoming services.

We have a sneak peak of the three things they have been working on. Remember these are sneak peaks and still works in progress, but once you look at them you will understand why I am in awe of the work they have been doing!

The first is Insight. Insight is an expanded blockchain explorer with the ability to scan paper wallets and device QR codes. This robust explorer is the first step in the infrastructure and has an API. Instructions on the API are here.

The second step is Services. Services is a way to quickly check out network statistics, and to look at and put in proposals. It also has an API. Instructions for how to use it as here.

The last thing they have been working on is an API connection to a database with the network information. This will allow light weight wallets and easy data retrieval. You can try it out here. Remember this is an API so it doesn’t work like a website. For some complicated instructions on how to use it you can look here.

An API like this is important because it allows anyone working on Terracoin sites, or other services to grab info in real time.

Insights, Services, and an API moves Terracoin a massive three steps forward to competing with the top 10 cryptocoins, and that is just the beginning of what we have planned.

Remember TheSin and SixofFive are still working on all three of these infrastructure projects and these are just sneak peaks! We like to keep the community as informed as possible and to keep what we are working on transparent.

TheSin has also put in a code request to the Trezor hardware wallet. They haven’t accepted it yet, but this should help Terracoin get added to Trezor’s hardware wallet. This is great for all of us security minded community members.

Speaking of community members, Isb108 got us added to Cheddur! He did this out of the blue and just by asking them. Their app has up to date stats on Terracoin, graphs and links to various things like our videos. You can also leave a review of Terracoin, which I haven’t seen elsewhere. Their team was quick to add Terracoin and has been supportive with posts on social media etc. They have both an Android and iOS app. Check them out and post a review! Thank you, Isb108!!

Next on list is that we now have 10 Terracoin Foundation masternodes! This was made possible through donations to the Donations for the World TRC address (1BQH6gBzkxxyMQG3VSJCHnmVGfWu64nbPL). You can check on the TRC Foundation masternodes through this link. Thank you to everyone who donated to that address so that we were able to add 3 additional masternodes.

Once Terracoin is $1 for a month we will use half the net profit from masternodes to donate to community picked non-profits around the world. This will give us an ever-growing number of donation masternodes while also supporting people around the world.

Which brings us to something that we need community input on. Currently we have enough total net profits to set up one or two more Terracoin Foundation masternodes. We can set those up and use the profits from the new masternodes for donations once Terracoin hits $1, or we can save the net profits until Terracoin hits $1 for a larger one-time donation. The first recipient of those donation gets a larger donation if we do that, but we would be able to give away less TRC per month after that because we have less TRC Foundation masternodes. Please post on the forums, etc with your feedback. I am for setting up more Terracoin Foundation masternodes, so we have more per month to donate, but everyone’s input is always important!

In other news we have over 1000 enabled masternodes. This means that we have a very robust network which protects us against DDOS attacks and it also means that we have a community that is ever growing!

Welcome to all the new masternode holders! If you have any questions, feel free to drop by the Terrcaoin Mattermost server! That is where the Terracoin Foundation hangs out most of the time.

Last on the list is that EyesWideShut shipped the jerseys for the football (soccer) kits, so now I have a reason to check The Terracoin Foundation PO Box! I will post some pictures once I get them!

We are now to the numbers! Thanks again to the community and I look forward to seeing everyone’s proposals in the future!


One month ago, we were at 0.00001328 BTC (.1880 USD) and today we are at 0.00002818 BTC (.3241 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000460 BTC (.0042 USD).

We are ranked 564 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $7,169,691 USD. Last week our market cap was $7,146,147 USD.



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