January 21st Terracoin Update — Safety First

January 21st Terracoin Update — Safety First

By Buffer01

This will be a short update and a few recommendations on how to take the safe path in the handover from The Terracoin Foundation.


First of all; we are moving all communications to discord and mattermost will eventually shut down. So please be sure to join our discord channel.


The transition

I will be honest; the past few weeks has been a process for me. I knew that TRC would continue without the Terracoin Foundation, but I had no idea just how many people would write in PM and express their wish to keep the whole community running. Many people have expressed the hope they had in Terracoin and the hope in having a community that wants to do something good for the world and not just the promise of getting rich quickly — in contrast to the message you would get from most other coins.

Clock has shown us how to consistently keep things ethical in this young wild-west industry. It seems clear that we will need to sharpen our mission statement moving forward. When growing our community, I believe, though, that we should keep the focus on collecting, like-minded, good people — rather than just the random crypto-speculators.

I am still working with ClockUniverse, SixOfFive, and TheSin to move infrastructure to new servers. What has been taking up time was for me to realize that the ambition should be to move as much as possible and not just the minimal viable.


Now to the safety part, We are looking to transfer things as smoothly as possible — but for matters of safety — we recommend that you move funds out of lightweight wallets like Electrum and TRC Pay — until things are running on the new servers.


Graviex — https://graviex.net/listing_registers

Mercatox — https://mercatox.com/coins/list


We no longer have xplorenow to give a price insight across all our exchanges. Numbers might not be as relevant right now — but for future reference, I will reintroduce the basics:

We are ranked 1,358 on CoinGecko with a market price of 59 sat BTC (0.019 USD) and market cap of 438,940 USD

Masternode count is 1,111.