March 19th Weekly Terracoin Update — Waiting

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The coronavirus has started the “waiting for something to happen” feeling. I guess it started last week for everyone outside of China, but that feeling really set in this week for most of the world.

We are waiting for the stock market to go up or down, cryptocurrencies to go up or down, our governments to do something and we are waiting to learn if we are getting laid off our jobs.

The “waiting feeling” is just starting and it could take a long time to pass.

But don’t worry I have things for you to do while you wait or are in self-quarantine because Terracoin is always moving forward.

1. Mattermost

Join the Terracoin mattermost server and discuss TRC with us. We also have a lot of talk and jokes about the coronavirus and how it is affecting each of us in our home countries.

2. Update

Update your masternodes to TerracoinCore!

As I said last week, I am now jumping down everyone’s throat about updating to It is extremely easy to do. In fact, I did all the TRCf masternodes before I started this weekly.

All you have to do is follow the “Updating a masternode” section of this wiki page. It takes only minutes and is worth it to improve the network security.

Last week we were at 1.7% of nodes updated to and today we are at 8.5% but since we are all sitting around waiting for something to happen, I think we can get that to 50% next week. Let’s get on it!

3. Proposals

We are a couple of days from the superblock so now is the last chance for you to vote on the three proposals listed below.

Use your masternode power and vote!


You have time on your hands so check out this new exchange that Terracoin has been listed on. We are listed on these pairings:


5. Vote

Vote on these two sites:

(I just contacted Mercatox about why we haven’t been added yet since we have been the #1 coin for way longer than two weeks)

6. Be safe

Lastly, everyone needs to be safe!

That is it for this weekly update! See everyone next week, or on the social media!


Get your discoveries in!


TRC Listing At StackofStack Platform

Pay For Listing SocialSend Exchange

TRC Foundation Team Pay Proposal 3rd Year


Thirty days ago, we were at 0.00000380 BTC (.0383 USD) and today we are at 0.0000573 BTC (.0355 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000608 BTC (.0242 USD).

We are ranked 613 on CoinGecko with a market cap of $815,146 USD, and last week we were ranked 700 with a market cap of $483,151 USD.


Enabled/Total Masternode count today is 960/1529. Last week our enabled/total masternode count was 913/1522.

Masternode Count Source:

Terracoin Foundation Masternode Donations


Mattermost (This is The Terracoin Foundation’s primary forum)


Newsletter Subscription


Link List

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