March 5th Weekly Terracoin Update —


The TerracoinCore version binaries have been released! You can find them here, or on our website!

You may have also noticed a notification appear in your GUI TerracoinCore wallet! That is a legitimate notification and it just makes it easier to upgrade to the new version.

This release bans the unstable version via a hard code instead of just using the protocol version and it has other bug fixes and improvements! Check out the whole release notes if you are so inclined.

We will be updating the masternode update script over the next couple of days so get ready to start upgrading your masternodes!

This is not a mandatory upgrade, but it is a highly recommended upgrade.

Thanks to TheSin, like always, for his dedication to the Terracoin cause. One day when TRC is the standard currency the world over, TheSin will be in the history books!

4 Year Terracoin Foundation Anniversary

The Terracoin Foundation (TRCf) is making me sleep on the couch this week because I forgot our four-year anniversary. The Terracoin Foundation was formed on February 13th, 2016!

We took an abandoned coin and turned it into something special. We continue to work on not only making Terracoin the best cryptocurrency in the world, but also a place for helping the world. The past four years have been an amazing ride of never-ending improvements to the cryptocurrency world which I feel like Terracoin is constantly spear heading.

I look forward to working with the community and team in guiding Terracoin into the next age of cryptocurrencies that will benefit everyone.

I also am extremely excited for the future of Terracoin and honestly, not to get too sappy or preachy, it is because of you.

Our community is the best, and I don’t think I mention that enough, everyone one of you supports our mission, asks amazing questions, teaches me new things about the cryptoworld and are generally just awesome people.

I know I have said this before, but I learn about everyone’s lives the world over because of Terracoin and I love it.

The cryptocurrency world is on the cusp of stepping on the moon, and I am not talking about “when lambo,” or “moon.”

I am talking about being at the start of a technological revolution that will be like the first person stepping on the moon.

We are here nearly stepping on the moon for the first time, and I am excited to be a part of it!

Getting off my high horse now because I am at a page and I still have other stuff to talk about.


The decentralized governance system is getting some action. We have two new proposals in, and they need every masternode owner to vote!

Besides the easy service rewards for owning a masternode, you also get the privilege to vote on decentralized governance proposals.

This privilege empowers everyone who owns a masternode to take part in the future of Terracoin.

Anyone with 10 TRC can put in a proposal, but only us masternode holders can vote if they are paid out.

So, check out the new proposals below and vote on them!

For re-occurring payment proposals you can vote yes, no or abstain at any time going forward, so for example, if you forgot or are a new masternode owner then you should vote for the TRC Foundation Team Pay Proposal.

I am at a page and a half, so I am going to cut this Weekly update short and keep the other items for the next Weekly update.


Heart eyes emoji towards you.


Get your discoveries in!


TRC Listing At StackofStack Platform

Pay For Listing SocialSend Exchange

TRC Foundation Team Pay Proposal 3rd Year


Thirty days ago, we were at 0.00000369 BTC (.0339 USD) and today we are at 0.0000389 BTC (.0352 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000500 BTC (.0193 USD).

We are ranked 742 on CoinGecko with a market cap of $808,652 USD, and last week we were ranked 763 with a market cap of $721,881 USD.


Enabled/Total Masternode count today is 937/1516. Last week our enabled/total masternode count was 787/1505.

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