January 21st Terracoin Update — Safety First

By Buffer01

This will be a short update and a few recommendations on how to take the safe path in the handover from The Terracoin Foundation.


First of all; we are moving all communications to discord and mattermost will eventually shut down. So please be sure to join our discord channel.


The transition

I will be honest; the past few weeks has been a process for me. I knew that TRC would continue without the Terracoin Foundation, but I had no idea just how many people would write in PM and…

This weekly update has been written by Buffer01!

To be continued…

First of all, THANK YOU to the Terracoin Foundation for all the years of dedication and hard work, for Clock’s visionary leadership and his weekly insights and to the rest of the team for making TRC a masternode coin with solid infrastructure especially from the hard work put in by TheSin and SixOfFive. You have been a great inspiration to us all and we hope to keep seeing you guys from time to time.

This will NOT be the end of Terracoin, nor the end of the Terracoin community.

The Terracoin Foundation has decided to end our support of Terracoin and shut down The Terracoin Foundation.

We have concluded that no cryptocurrency that is ethical and wanting to help the world with ever succeed.

The Terracoin Foundation’s support of Terracoin is now over but that doesn’t mean Terracoin is dead.

Buffer01 is willing to carry on and wants to create a new Terracoin Team if the community supports it. If you are interested log into Mattermost ASAP and start a discussion!

We will be shutting down all TRC Foundation infrastructure as soon as possible except we will keep a…

It is Christmas Eve! So, this is going to be really quick.

Happy holidays and I will talk to everyone next Thursday!

I do have a quick announcement about Fides-Ex so check it out below.


Fides-Ex is officially shutting down on the 31st and so is Zapple so make sure you get your Terracoin out of there!

That is it for this weekly update!


Graviex — https://graviex.net/listing_registers

Mercatox — https://mercatox.com/coins/list


Get your discoveries in!


TRC Foundation Team Pay Proposal 4th Year


Thirty days ago, we were at 0.00000208 BTC (0.0394 USD) and today we are…

I don’t have much for this Weekly update because the holidays are upon us! That means things slow down in the Terracoin world as we get ready or start on our holiday madness! The madness is especially weird this year considering the pandemic.

That is about it for this weekly updated except for a brief update on the donations to the Philippines.

Donations to the Philippines

Buffer01 is moving forward with the people in the Philippines to set up the pig farming so that they can create a sustainable way to live! …

We are officially added to Gemmer!

I originally mentioned back in November that we were in the closed alpha of the wallet, but it is now released in Early Access!

Gemmer is a lightweight multi-coin wallet which sends a share of each transaction fee to the development team of each coin listed.

This is huge because no other multi-coin wallet, that I know of, does this. This will help boost the Terracoin Team’s budget and other cryptocurrency team budgets for spending on a variety of projects.

It is currently only for Android, and you can download it from the Android…

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving in the States and since we got added to another exchange, I didn’t get a chance to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving in the last Weekly update!

Since then things have been pretty mellow as everyone was or is going on vacation, so I am just going to highlight the exchanges again this week!

We got added to Altilly and Freiexchange over the past month so check out the new amazing list of exchanges Terracoin is listed on!

That is it for this incredibly short Terracoin Weekly update!

Check them out and start trading!

Altilly —…

We have been added to Altilly! Last week we got added to FreiExchange and this week we got added to Altilly. Things are looking up!

We got added to two pairings.

Bitcoin: https://altilly.com/market/TRC_BTC

And the all-powerful USDT: https://altilly.com/market/TRC_USDT

I also went through our list of exchanges on the wiki and got rid of some of them that seem shady or are shutting down.

I removed Zapple because they are shutting down at the end of the year, and I removed Swaps.Network because their site looks like a scam. I also removed SocialSend because I couldn’t login or access their exchange…

We have been added to FreiExchange!

Zapple announced a while back that they are closing at the end of the year, and Fides-Ex has announced that if they don’t get further investments then they will be shutting down.

We have been wanting to get added to FreiExchange for a while now so the timing is awesome! Thanks to Stan from the EWMCI for facilitating that and thanks for Fedde of FreiExchange for adding us so quickly!

Our pairing is here, so lets get some trading started!

With the massive rise in the Bitcoin price there are a lot of opportunities…

I have been in the crypto game for at least a hundred and seventy crypto years and I feel like the cryptoworld goes through two phases: a constriction phase and an expansion phase.

What I am talking about is regarding the user base, apps, and sites available to the average user.

Ignore the price of everything for a minute and look at how many sites have shut down or are in the process of shutting down.

This is the constriction phase.

This phase mostly effects the average person and not big players.

It cuts off our ability to trade and…

Clock Universe

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